The Perks Of Having A Playarea

Benefit of having a playroomPlaytime is so important for mommy and baby, and setting up an area in your home for your child to explore is one of the best things you could do for them.

I had not thought of this until one Thursday afternoon when I arrived home from work. Jeff was off and had mentioned he was working on something for Sebastian that I would appreciate. I did not know what that meant, but I was excited to go home to find out. I discussed the little play area Jeff put together for our son in a previous post. This was at our home in NJ. Now, we have a room for Sebastian to go in and explore.

His Perfect Playroom
In Sebastian’s playroom we laid out the colorful, spongey mat and placed his toys on top. On the other side of the room, we have his pack-and-play and swing. Although he no longer plays with either of them, it is a nice reminder of the little boy we once had. *tear*

On the same side we have a tall shelf that houses all the toy cars Jeff has purchased for Sebastian. We started off with one, I believe it was a Corvette, and before I could turn around, there were 10+ lined up. The good news is, Sebastian does actually play with them.

There are a variety of toys our family and friends have given Sebastian, and he currently plays with them all. Having a designated play area allows him to choose the toys he would like to play with. He explores something new everyday, and we love it. We even have a bed in case he gets tired and needs his nap. It doubles as a guestroom for

Here are 4 reasons why a playarea is so important for your little one:

1. A playarea allows your child to use their imagination. 
My son uses most of his toys, and it is not usually the way the manufacturer intended. This is a good thing. You want your child to try different things. And the best part is it will make you laugh.

2. Having a playarea can tame the mess.
I love knowing that once my son enters his playroom he is going to do some serious damage, and we do not mind at all. 🙂

3. A playarea works wonders when other parents bring their children over.
Family and friends are always happy to have their kids over and the kids love stopping by because there is a place for them to play. It is in the center of our home, which makes a great place for the adults to keep an eye on them.

4. Having a playarea reminds parents of the importance of bonding with their child. 
Every day I pass by Sebastian’s playroom, I think of the fun we have had and the new things he has learned. Of course, there are days we are too busy running errands that we forget to step foot in it, but Sebastian is sure to let us know we will be making it up to him the next day.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. I agree to ALL of these things…especially about containing the mess!!!!

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Steph. And yes, having the mess contained is ALWAYS a plus. 🙂

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