The Tale Of The Missing Sock

The Tale of the Missing Sock
I’ve heard stories from other mothers regarding missing socks, but I didn’t think it would happen to me. I thought maybe it’s the way these moms put their little ones’ socks? But I was wrong.
It first happened on our trip to his doctor’s office after our two weeks home from the hospital. He had on the cutest outfit: a onesie that said “handsome” with a plaid tie that matched his shorts and white and navy blue socks. 
Sebastian was asleep in the car and we didn’t pay attention to his sock, we were too excited to take him to his first doctor’s visit.
On our way into the building he moved his little foot just enough to flick his sock off into the bushes. We never found it. 
This wasn’t the last time it happened. For his baptism we tried adding baby shoes — the soft ones with laces. I had been preparing the house for the reception and just as I got up to head out his little shoe fell. I didn’t notice it until we had arrived to the church. At this point, I took off his other baby show and decided to leave him in his socks. No one would notice, nor would they even care to comment on his special day. Their main concern was Sebastian’s baptism.
Since then, we’ve been more cautious with his socks. Always checking them when he wakes up, fixing them whenever we’re getting ready to head out, and making sure they’re long enough.
Although I love his little feet, I know they need to be covered at all times.
‘Til tomorrow, loves.
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