Third Trimester Tips

It’s the final stretch and you’ll need to prepare for your trip to the hospital and you want to make sure you don’t overdue it. I am one who thought of every little thing to bring with me to the hospital. To help you avoid my mistake, I’ll give you a rundown of what you’ll need:

Hospital bag:
– Sanitary napkins (they give you some at the hospital, but they’re a little uncomfortable);
– First aid kit (for the baby);
– Your wallet — insurance card and license;
– Coins/singles for parking unless there’s a designated parking area for your family/friends;
– Baby’s going home outfit;
– Your going home outfit (make sure it’s loose); and
– Sandals for the shower.

Other things you should know about the third semester:
You’ll want to prepare for the birth of your child, but in reality, you’ll be too tired. Not as tired as the first trimester but you’ll also need rest.

You should start discussing names if you haven’t done so already.

Baby Shower
Don’t plan it by yourself, or try to take the lead with it. You’re not Superwoman, and you’ll get upset if something goes wrong. Trust me, I did that to myself and when everyone served themselves a plate and asked me where the utensils were I started to cry. I couldn’t remember where I had placed them.

Going Out
With work, family and friends it can get a little difficult to have “mommy and daddy” time. Take a weekend/day to yourselves and go out to dinner. My honey and I went to Applebee’s the Sunday before I went into labor. We shared a few laughs and discussed the big day. It was a great stress-reliever and reminder of why we love each other.

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