Tips For Moving #31WriteNow

Tips For Moving


We’re on the move.. physically, and it’s been hectic the last few weeks. We’re hosting our final get together with Jeff’s friends tomorrow to watch the Niners. There are several things I’ve learned from this move about, well… moving. I’ve shared five below:

Do laundry your final days. 
Makes it easier for you to pack, why you ask? Because they’re the clothes you’re currently using and can use them to cushion the boxes.

Number your boxes and name the rooms the items belong to. 
This can help you unpack and place the items in the right place. I tried the number system this time (since I’ve actually needed boxes this time around — we’ll see how it works).

Pack what you won’t use today, give away what you won’t use tomorrow.
We have loads of items of clothing (and more) we’re giving away because we haven’t used it all year or don’t be plan to use them. Several items are brand new or lightly used, so it’s good to feel that someone could make use of them.

Shop two weeks before you move, and buy necessary items.
If you’re like me, you shop on a budget and you buy extra for rainy days. Well, those rainy days won’t come the next two weeks, so leave that for when you’re moved and settled. Keep an eye on the daily items you use, for instance, Jeff likes coffee. I only bought enough for each morning… only to find out he’s been drinking coffee in the afternoon to keep warm. Luckily, I have my parents living 10 mins away and they dropped off enough coffee (and eggs for tomorrow’s breakfast) for the remaining days.

Use all available spaces within the box and enough tape.
Silly, but quite necessary. Remember, most moving companies stack boxes. This will help prevent the boxes from opening and ripping apart.

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  1. the tighter you pack things the less room for shifting/breaking hope to hear your move goes smoothly wishing you all the best

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