Top 10 Most-Read MomViews

Top 10 MomViews ListIt has been six months since I started the MomViews series and I love each segment so much that if I had to choose one it would be difficult. According to my website stats, the majority of the series made the top of my all-time most views, but I will be highlighting only the top 10 in this post.

The first half focus on the importance of family. From coming into a new family to starting your own, these women shared their insights on their daily lives. The remaining half shares insights on dealing with changes.

Top 10 MomViews List

1. Life As A ‘Bonus Mom’ 
2. Doing It On Your Own
3. Experiencing Childbirth After Your 20’s
4. Helping Other Families
5. How To Keep A Positive Mind When Moving To Another State
6. Coping With Autism
7. Raising A Healthy Family
8. Taking Time Out
9. Supporting His Passion
10. Becoming A Mompreneur

Understanding Family Roles
For Heather Wilson, a military wife who married into a beautiful family of girls, motherhood is all about enjoying her time as a bonus mom, because as Wilson says, “steps are for staircases.” She shared her thoughts in a recent post on this new journey in her life with no regrets.

But sometimes, you are on your own and being a single mother means you take on two roles. Blogger and consultant Natasha Peter knows the ins and outs of being a single parent, and how critical it is to have close family and friends.

Being a first-time mom can be tough. Regardless of age, it is a new experience with lots of lessons to be learned. Writer Carmen ShuGar discussed her thoughts on becoming a mother after your 20’s, and reminds moms everywhere not to forget about themselves. After all, “you existed before the baby and you still exist post-baby.”

Selfless Acts Of Kindness
Most moms come into the role of motherhood without experience, and even when you have helped raise other family members, having your own child is a different experience. One thing moms share is the need to help others.

When you can assist other families who have dealt with loss, it is very rewarding to see the smiles on their faces. Pamela Macdonald and her husband recently launched Project Lead Kindly to help make a difference in the lives of families who are victims of domestic violence and poverty.

Thinking about what is best for your family can sometimes feel like moms find themselves in second place, and at times, in last. One mom traveled the world with her husband and created family. She shared tips on to keep a positive mind through all this. Her thoughts hit close to home, because as most of you know I recently left my comfort zone to have a better life for my little family.

Expecting The Unexpected
Being pregnant is a scary stage, you never know what to expect. One of the moms I recently interviewed shared misconceptions of autism and how she and her family cope with it.

Hardships are always accompanied by good, at least that is one of the lessons I have learned in life. For some families good means giving someone else (or five) a chance to experience a new lifestyle. Allison Barberi and her husband have a total of 12 children, and have taught them the importance of healthy living.

Living The Dream
One of my high school friends even joined in and shared her experience with supporting her husband’s passion and how he has helped motivate her to start a business.

In a recent MomViews segment, I interviewed Ariana Monique Almonte, a mother who is in the beginning stages of becoming a mompreneur. She has since made progress and is working with 3BeesTV on a new series.

I am so proud of all the moms and their hard work!
Every mom (and dad!) deserves a great, big hug! <3 

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