Two Years Later: Why We Love South Florida

January marks our two-year anniversary here in South Florida. Although we’ve slowly adapted to this new life, it wasn’t always so easy. 
When the idea of moving to a different state first came up, I wasn’t happy. 
It was originally Jeff’s plan to move to South Florida and start a new life. He and I had just started dating at the time and he had his mind made up. 
Long story short, within a year we were making that trip together with our six-month-old son and our furry pup. 
The Drive
Taking an airplane ride over to South Florida from North Jersey would’ve taken us three hours. 
It may sound ideal, but we wanted to make sure Rocky was comfortable, so we turned the trip into an adventure. 
And an adventure it was. 

Why South Florida? 
Jeff has family here, and he’s always wanted to make the move. He had finally worked up enough courage to do it and this time he had his hands full, so to speak. 
We made several stops along the way. Each time, Jeff would walk Rocky and I’d breastfeed/change Sebastian. We’d also get food and gas to keep us going. 
I will admit it’s not that the drive isn’t as bad once you’ve done it once, but if you can avoid the drive, please do so. It’s a long one
At least the views coming down were really nice. 
The Arrival
I cried the night we finally got to our new home. 
It was the night Jeff had proposed to me and we were in an empty house with our boys and whatever luggage we brought with us. 
The movers were coming later on that week and all we had was an air mattress, pillows, Rocky’s bed,and — of course — a TV. It was January, so Jeff didn’t want to miss a football game. 
As we settled in, Jeff caught me by surprise. 
There he was, on bent knee, asking me to marry him. I cried because it was sweet, but I was also terrified. 
Everything was happening way too fast and I couldn’t hit pause. 
Thankfully we didn’t get married for another two years, so we had enough time to embrace our new life without adding something else to our plate. 
But aside from the fears, there are many reasons why we fell in love with this place. I mention a few below:
1. We get to spend more quality time together as a family. 
2. We enjoy the simple things in life, like the sunset or our toes in the water. 
3. We get to bring Rocky to just about everywhere we go
4. We can workout all year round
5. It’s where we met some amazing folks
6. Our bond has become a lot stronger
7. The people are friendly
8. Days off feel like you’re on vacation. 
9. We get to explore different parks and beaches every time. 
10. Most restaurants have authentic dishes
11. We get to eat a lot healthier, thanks to local farms. 
12. There’s always something to do, and something to see. 
Most of our family and friends fall in love with everything here. It’d be selfish to think that everyone should come join us here, but one can always dream right? 
Here’s to another year! 

What do you love about where you live? 

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  1. Wow, I relocated to SE Florida 3 1/2 years ago from NJ/NY Area. Great blog! We should connect.

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