Oct 252014

Google Analytics for WordPress dot com

For months I had searched for ways to connect my Google Analytics account to my WordPress site. Every page I checked said it could not be done. In August 2014, someone figured it out, and I am so thankful for Web-Designer Arsenal’s steps.

For those of you looking for more information about page views and visitors, I suggest you look into implementing Google Analytics.
First, you must have a domain purchased from WordPress.com. These are inexpensive and you can secure your information all for less than $30 a year. Second, you will need to create a CloudFare account. There is a free option. I suggest going with the free one until you are comfortable using this site.

Adding Your Site To Cloudfare
After purchasing your domain from WordPress.com, head over to your WordPress dashboard, click Store and then My Domains. Find the domain you wish to use on Google Analytics and click Edit Domain. Open another Tab on your Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer and go into your Cloudfare account. Add your website to the list and let the program scan your site.

You will be asked to customize your settings, then continue to the next page. This is where you will see your two sets of CNS (Current Name Servers). These should be added below the ones listed on your WordPress dashboard. To add these two CNS, click Shop, Edit Domain and then Name Servers. Click the second option and add the two CNS you were given on Cloudfare.

Now, go back to the Cloudfare tab and click on “I’ve updated my nameservers, continue.” And that is it!
This should take up to 24 hours to connect. If you have the paid version, it should take less time.

Happy blogging! 


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