You Can’t Child Proof Everything, But Vaccines Can Help

This post is sponsored by the Florida Department of Health; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Choosing to vaccinate our children was something that we felt would help protect them in the long run. It’s like giving them that superhero cape or a protective shield they always wanted to defend themselves from harm. In this case, it’s from preventable childhood diseases.

That’s how we’ve made the connection for our boys, and now we do our best to protect our one-year-old daughter through vaccinations until she’s older to understand their purpose.

Understanding The Nature Of Vaccines

By educating ourselves on the types of necessary vaccines, we’ve been able to better understand the need for them. When we had our firstborn, we made sure we were on top of all of his vaccines and even spaced them out.

We can’t say the same for our second child. During the time of his birth my husband was starting a new job. It became difficult to make time for the doctor’s office visits. Fortunately, our local pediatrics office worked with us to give him the ones he needed to catch up on.

With time, and three kids later, we’ve been able to improve our schedules to help stay on track of our children’s vaccines. Not only has this benefit our own children, but also those they encounter at school, local parks and even at places we visit on a daily basis.

When you choose to vaccinate, you’re also protecting those around you. In fact, you’re building on your child’s immune system when you expose them to vaccines and protect their siblings as well.


  1. Every child should be vaccinated! It’s so important to their health and to to the health of everyone around them. We now have a huge outbreak of mumps because people decided they didn’t need to vaccinate.

  2. This is awesome! I don’t have kids but two of my friends do. I agree with you, vaccination is important.

  3. Yes vaccines are super important for your kids and all the other kids they come in contact with!

  4. 1000% agree! Kids should be vaccinated! Carefully, but vaccinated!

  5. I know this subject can be controversial for many people. I like that you made your points and reasonings and I think that it is important to be able to voice your opinion (any opinion) when it comes to how you want to take care of your own child. Thank you for sharing.

  6. We choose to vaccinate too. Not only does it protect our kids, they protect those who can’t get them.

  7. I love this and totally agree. Vaccinations are VITAL and I am a firm believer in the importance of childhood vaccinations. Such a great post to raise awareness of this.

  8. Cristina Petrini

    Absolutely the vaccines are very important and so many diseases are coming back because of who says the opposite!

  9. I really appreciate your blogpost on this important topic when there is so much on anti vaccines and most of it is misinformation. I strongly support vaccination. By this way, not your child but people around them are saved from so many diseases that were fatal or Serious earlier.

  10. Vaccination is so important! Thank you for raising awareness as it is needed.

    1. I think this is a very hot topic. I think as parents is important to do what we feel is right for our child. Whether that is to vaccinate or not.

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