7 Valentine's Day Ideas For Kids

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the kids. Prior to, I would show up at family and friend’s houses with gifts. Since becoming a parent, Valentine’s Day requires a lot more planning.

We spend a lot of time with the kids, so it’s not always easy to sneak away and grab items at the store. This year, we’ll be doing something interesting for the holidays that includes kid activities for us to enjoy as a family.

Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Family

Family fun ideas are always a hit in our home. Most of the holiday break was spent playing outside and hosting a snowball fight indoors. We shared kid activities for the winter break that were a hit with friends as well.

To make upcoming holidays a success with kids, we’re including some kid activities for you to try as a family. You can even use the items to decorate your home and mail out to family members, too.

For the Valentine’s Day edition, we’ve included Bingo sheets, a counting sheet, a coloring page and more. These Valentine’s Day ideas are perfect for gathering family and friends.

Host A Bingo Night

Our family is a bit competitive and Bingo is a great idea for game night. The boards are made of letters only and give the kids a chance to practice the alphabet. We’ve included four boards for you to try your luck. Feel free to work in teams. Also, this game would be great for couples’ night.

Print three to four copies of this page to have enough for each player.

Make Valentine’s Day Bingo more exciting with treats. Whoever yells BINGO first wins a piece of chocolate or another treat.

Color Two Love Birds

Get those coloring tools out because this cute picture is perfect to give to a family member or a friend.

We do plan to mail ours out to Grandma and Grandpa this Valentine’s Day with a note. Use the card we’ve shared below.

Great idea to send some love to family and friends with this Valentine’s Day coloring sheet.

Find Love In A Word Search

Search for Love, Rose and more with these Valentine’s Day Ideas activities.

Create A Heart Puppy

Use hearts to create the cutest puppy to share love.

Give The Heart Puppy A Body

With only hearts, create the rest of the puppy’s body.

Send Love Letters Together

Print this page twice to use as the front and back of your letter.

Count The Hearts

Can you find all 27 hearts in this image?

If you’re looking to make these Valentine’s Day ideas more exciting, then we suggest inviting family and friends over to join in on the fun. Simply print extra copies and have them handy.

Are you a fan of holiday crafts? Tell us about it below!

Planning to stay in this Valentine's Day? Maybe you already hired a baby sitter and need something for them to do with the kids. Here are 7 Valentine's Day Ideas for kids to try.


  1. I can’t believe we’re already talking about Valentines Day! These are perfect ideas for our kids, and I know they’ll enjoy them a lot.

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  3. These are all such great ideas. I love the one for bingo. My kids love playing bingo, so I bet they’d love that.

  4. I’ve noticed how I have become more of a fan of this holiday ever since I became a mom. These are simple cute ideas!

    1. You and I both! I think the kids are more excited that I get into the holiday myself.

  5. I think the coloring project would be great for all the different ages of my kids.

    1. Yes! That’s the goal. We have three kids at different stages, so we wanted to make it exciting for them to do it together.

  6. Cute ideas! I need to print some for my kids!

  7. These are really great ideas!! My kids will surely love these!

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