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Customers know what they want, and they are not afraid to ask for it.

Jeff and I experienced an issue last month with our pool. It was down for two weeks due to leakage. We never owned a pool before and did not know how to deal with it. We had a pool guy at the time that came every week to clean it. He did not know what to do, but would continue to clean it every Saturday.

Our family was coming in less than a week, so I knew I had to find someone to fix the issue. I just did not know where I would go to find “the best” without hurting my pocket at such short notice. I asked our pool guy if he knew or had heard of someone in the area that serviced pools. He was from a town or two over and “was not familiar with anyone in this area.” Jeff had previously asked him, but I asked again in case he had done his research to try to help us. It had been a week since he notified us that there was a leakage that was causing us to lose water in the pool. Something inside me needed to hear him say it just so I can confirm we needed a new guy who knows more about pools rather than, “There’s a leak. Pool is down.”

I had been at the dry cleaners when I noticed a pool supplies store fairly close to our home. I went in, asked about the leakage and if they did repairs. The guy had run out of business cards and sounded like he could not be bothered to deal with me. So I nodded my head, wrote down the estimate he was trying to give me and I discussed it with Jeff when I went home.

The pool supplies guy said he would charge about $100 just for him to come over and $100 for each hour he was here. This is $200 without the guy even doing the work or even buying the pieces he would need. I had to search online to see if this guy was credible. Every review was a nightmare; the customers said the person took extra time doing the work just to charge more. YIKES! I was already not too thrilled about the place after meeting the guy at the counter, imagine having someone come over and waste their time and our money. No thank you.

My search was not over, and I was determined to find someone who was knowledgable about the issue and solve it just in time.

Where there is a will, there is a way, right?

I called another local pool supply store who gave me a three numbers after I told them the issue I was having with the pool. The guy suggested one specific company that was the best with leaks. I called, and a lady said they would need run a diagnostics test that was $295, and then they could solve the issue. If I booked an appointment for them to repair it within 7 days, they would use $100 of the $295 towards the repair bill. This was pricier than the pool supplies guy! 

Getting Customer Reviews At Costco
I needed to get my mind off of the issue, so I went food shopping early one morning. Costco was still closed when I arrived, but I was not the only one waiting for the store to open. I took advantage of situation and asked around about local pool repair companies. Two people waiting mentioned the last pool supplies store I called. They both agreed that they were the cheapest in town and they knew how to work. That last part was critical to me.

Although we were short on time, I knew I needed someone who not only knew what they were doing but would charge a reasonable price. I called the pool supplies store and asked for a pool guy they recommend. When they mentioned the guy’s name I remembered hearing about him during our initial call. I took down his number, made the call and we scheduled a time for that same day.

When he arrived he let me know about the issue. One look at the pipes and he knew the repairs Jeff had down were causing the issue. He mentioned that the pipes were causing the pool to leak and they were letting air into the suction pipe. He also let me know that those were not the right pipes to use. He told me the cost for labor ( $85 ) and fixing of the pipes, $30 each, the pieces, etc. all a total of $350. I agreed to the price and we scheduled a date and time that same week. He came and did the work. Jeff and I were both home so he showed us everything he was doing, even gave us tips on how to prevent this type of leak in the future.

After the job was done, he ended up charging us just $340. We gave him the extra $10 just because he was very helpful and knowledgable. We then found out he has his own pool service company, complete with a cleaning crew. Although he charges $5 more a month than our original pool guy, we have made the switch to use his pool cleaning services.

A day later, I received a phone call from a company who had took down my information  and said they would give me a call back. They called three days after I reached out to them. The lady sounded so excited to finally get back to me only to hang up on me once I told her the issue was solved. No “goodbye,” just Call Ended. The smart thing to do would have been to offer her services for the future or say something like, “Happy to hear, have a great day!” Good thing I did not have to deal with her or her company!

As for our previous pool guy, Jeff and I both agreed he could have tried harder to keep us. All he said was he was willing to charge us $20 less a month to clean the pool once we said we were going with someone else. I was upset because while our pool was down for two weeks (and not being used by anyone!), he still cleaned it and charged us for the month. To me, this was like a slap in the face because he did not offer to help us find someone  and continued to say “he was not from the area and did not know anyone who could do the work.” In our eyes, this guy did not care enough about what he was doing to actually get the job done. He could have charged us those $20 less that month our pool was down for two weeks and gone online or called a few pool buddies and tried to help us. But, the good news is all this is passed us now.


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  1. I'm glad your pool is fixed & you have a more knowledgable pool guy who knows what's up if there's possible damage in the future.

  2. Thank you! It was not easy, as you read, but well worth it in the end 🙂

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