Warm Memories Of Summer

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Summer is almost here! What fun memories do you associate with summer? What do you love doing during this season? Do you have any fun summer plans? Share your summer heart with us.

I’ve never really been a summer gal, but there are so many fun memories from my youth. Playing at the park, waiting for the ice cream truck, eating hot dogs from a local food truck, and so much more.

As a teen, I’d head over to Barnes and Noble with my good friend Eva. We’d hit the music section and listen to awesome songs from bands we loved. I always remember the time I introduced her to Brand New. I still love them ’til this day. I think she does too.

Now, in my early 20’s, I remember that summer when I bought my first car, then sold it exactly three years later and bought my second car. I remember my first date with Jeff, our random BBQs and family gatherings. I miss them so much.

This summer we’re living in a state where this season lasts all year around. Most of our family is back in NJ and will be flying down for our wedding and Sebastian’s first birthday next month. We’re looking forward to an eventful week. Bring on the drinks — non-alcoholic for me! 😉

Your turn.

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‘Til tomorrow, loves…

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