Wednesday's Wishlist


As mentioned in a previous post, today Jeff and I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. We’re pretty simple folks so of course that means dinner and a movie – at home 🙂 We have a few episodes we need to catch up on of a show we’re watching together. Hopefully we can throw in a movie or two. But before all this we’re taking the boys over to the doggy swim. It’s one of Rocky and Sebastian’s favorite places to go. Rocky gets to play with other dogs while keeping cool in the lake and Sebastian can watch the dogs interact. They both have a great time, and that’s what matters.

As for this week’s Wishlist:

Catch up on our shows;
Finish doing laundry;
Trim Sebastian’s nails;
Set up a doctor’s appt for Sebastian;
Stick to my weekly blogging schedule; and
Replace Manicure Mondays – it ain’t working out.

Til Friday, loves…

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  1. happy valentine's day to your lovely little family enjoy

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