MomViews: Creating A Weekly Schedule

It’s been nine months since the birth of our third child and adjusting to our new addition has been interesting.

Finding out we were going to be parents of a third child was terrifying. Fortunately, we worked through it and learned how to make time for just about everything by creating a weekly schedule.

Altering Morning Routines

At first, mornings were tough with a newborn and two under five. After her night feeding, I would do my best to lay her in the bassinet. Our little one is a kicker and she’d kick off her blankets, socks, etc. Anything that helped her stay warm at night would be thrown across the room. The cold air from the night would make her cough all night. The two large windows in our master bedroom didn’t help either.

Regardless of where we’d place her bassinet, she would feel a draft from the windows.

With time, we moved her to our bed. The warmth from our body heat helped her sleep at night so I didn’t complain. 

One thing I’ve learned in the past months is the importance of finding time to do the things I love. If I want to spend an extra five minutes in the shower, then I wake up earlier. If I’m working on a deadline, then I set time during the day to spend with the kids building LEGO pieces or watching a movie. It’s about learning how to balance my wants with my needs. 

Day-To-Day Schedules

Our kids love weekdays because we have things to look forward to during the week. We have a weekly schedule for us to make time to enjoy as a family and still focus on our individual goals.

During the week, we have movie nights and game nights for them to look forward to. It’s a celebration when we do game night because we can be a bit competitive with each other. 

Regardless of what our day entails, we always like to end our night before 7 pm. It’s around the time our baby is ready to go down. It also helps with cutting out liquids for our toddler and getting our firstborn ready for the next day. 

Creating Your Own Schedule

For the work-at-home parent who is looking to adjust to having a new baby, I highly recommend trying different work schedules throughout the week.

Remember, just because you try something once doesn’t mean it won’t work. An early work schedule might be successful on weekdays and not on weekends or vice versa. 

For me, early-morning work schedules don’t always go as planned during the week. Instead, I put the kids to sleep by 8 pm and get to work.

Maybe your issue isn’t creating a schedule, but actually sticking to one. I’ve been there. One thing I recommend trying is setting alarms on your phone for certain times during the day. This can help you better plan your day and give you the necessary time to tackle things throughout the week.

Have a weekly schedule you like to follow? Thinking of creating one for the new year? Tell me about it below!


  1. As the baby gets older you will probably have to change your work schedule many times. All about doing what is best for your family and trying to find balance.

    1. Oh yes! There was a time I was working at 4am (during feeding times) and then she stopped waking up that early. Now, I work after the kids have gone to bed. Unless I have a deadline or feel inspired, I won’t touch my computer during the day.

  2. I should start writing down a schedule. It might make my life easier. Right now I sort of go with the flow and hope for the best.

    1. I used to just go with the flow. Honestly, there are days that I do and they might not be the most productive, but the kids are happy to have a playful mama.

  3. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    I wish I was organized to create a schedule. I said I was going to try this year so I really need to put your post to use in my own life and get started.

    1. It takes time to find one that works for you. Try it, you never know what it’ll help you accomplish.

  4. Congrats on your 3rd child! Time sure does fly. All of my kids are grown but I still try to keep a weekly schedule so that I don’t waste time when I should be working on my blog.

    1. I know that feeling, Alli. And, thank you.

  5. Tasheena Nicole Johnson

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I have a weekly schedule that I follow. It really just makes my day flow so much better.

    1. Glad you’ve been able to establish a weekly schedule that works for you.

  6. We are all about routines in our house and always have been. My kids do much better when they know what to expect.

    1. Same here. The boys behave better and we accomplish more.

  7. Schedules are so important. I don’t think I could get anything done without one. It keeps me focused on what need to be done in that moment.

  8. I always have grand plans of 8am to-dos. Now I know that I need that coffee time, so plans need to shift.

    1. Ha, I know the feeling. For me, it’s getting in a bath. If I don’t bathe myself before everyone else is up, chances are I won’t get a shower all day.

  9. When we’re organized we’re not only able to get more things done throughout the day, but having a great plan provides us with a calm frame of mind.

    1. Yes, it really does put you at ease.

  10. I thrive when I have a schedule. I always shop on the same day, run errands on the same day each week, and stuff like that.

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