Weleda Baby Cream Bath Is Perfect For Sensitive Skin


The concept of baby-soft skin is not always the case. Both Jeff and I have been blessed with sensitive skin, and to top if off, I have a minor case of eczema. It was no surprise our little one was going to get something similar, if not worse. When we lived back north, Sebastian’s skin was very dry. We tried using Vaseline and baby oil, but neither worked. The doctors told us our son’s skin was reacting to the dry heat and the cold from the winter.

After moving to Florida we noticed Sebastian’s skin was getting better, but it was not quite baby-soft. His new doctor recommended Cetaphil, and we have been very thankful since! But there has been another product that has slowly stolen my heart.

I typically use Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Body Wash for my son, and as of late, Johnson’s No More Tangles hair products. I picked up a bottle of the Weleda Baby Cream Bath from the Baby Wearing Event I attended last month (such a wonderful goodie bag for new moms).

I spotted the golden cap inside the bag and picked it up. I read the words “delicate skin” and I automatically decided to hold off because I was not familiar with the brand and the products (body wash and lotion) I had been using on Sebastian were working just fine.

Over time I began to wonder about the Wedela Cream Bath I had received. I decided to try it one night and I have not stopped since. By using this product I get to skip applying moisturizer after his bath. It has a soft, distinct smell that does not last all day, but the softness of skin does, so I am not complaining. I have seen an improvement on his skin since using this product. I would highly recommend using this product with your little ones.
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Have you tried any of the Weleda products? 

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