What Captures Your Heart?


The All You Need is Love Project is a movement to inspire more love on this planet. The more we come together, the more love we can share. Join the revolution here!

Last Week’s LOVE TOPIC:

Beauty is all around us. Share a photo of something/someone that captures your heart. It may be an item which represents a special moment/someone in your life. Describe why this photo represents love for you. You can also share throughout social media using hashtag#allyouneedisloveproject.
tired dog smiling babyI love seeing this little guy smile.
As a first-time mother, seeing his smile reminds me that I’m doing everything right. You need the reassurance sometimes, and I’m glad I get to see it often. Oh, and it helps to see a tired pup. More so, a Siberian husky. These are the two of the many things that represent love in our home. I love our boys, and I’m thankful for the little things that keep our family sane.

Your turn.

Want to join in? Cool! You don’t need a blog, you can just take photos and use the hashtag #allyouneedisloveproject — it’s that simple. But, if you have a blog and want to join us each Thursday, you’re more than welcome to do so.

‘Til next time, loves…Motherhood Through My Eyes Signature

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