What do you love about you?

My eyes
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Today’s Love Topic:
Complete the following sentence: I love me because…This may be hard for some of us, but we have to love ourselves before we give love, dontcha think? Share something physical you heart about yourself and another non-physical characteristic which you admire about yourself.

I love me because I have very expressive eyes. You can always tell what I’m thinking or feeling by looking into them. Actually, my cousin and I have a funny inside joke about this. Anything you want to know about me just look into my eyes. They tell you more about me than I will ever.

And here comes the non-physical characteristic…
I love me because I can see the positive in everything. I have been through some pretty weird things in life and I’ve always come out smiling. It hasn’t been easy, but seeing the good side of it all has been a blessing. I love every moment I get to enjoy the beauty life has to offer.

Your turn.

Want to join in? Cool! You don’t need a blog, you can just take photos and use the hashtag #allyouneedisloveproject — it’s that simple. But, if you have a blog and want to join us each Thursday, you’re more than welcome to do so.

‘Til next time, loves…Motherhood Through My Eyes Signature


  1. You have beautiful eyes. 🙂

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