What Sebastian Has Taught Me These 6 Months

Jeff and I sat up this morning in bed discussing names for our second born – granted if we were to have another child within the next two or three years. The names were interesting. One thing that we can both agree is that Sebastian has been an amazing first, and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

It’s been a little over six months, but there’s been several things I’ve learned since his birth. For starters I value life a lot more. I thought being a stay-at-home mom would be tougher, it only feels this way because Jeff can’t enjoy the time with us, other than that, I love spending time with my boys – Rocky included. They keep my busy and entertained.

Other lessons I’ve learned:
Keep your head up.
Like most people I tend to question if I’m doing the right thing, being the “best mom there ever was,” etc.

Enjoy each moment.
I have a habit of getting ahead of myself and that can really get in the way of enjoying the moments I have with my family. Now I’m less hesitant and more willing to embrace whatever comes next.

Love, and lots of it.
So many people have said this and it’s true. I didn’t know how beautiful and rewarding love could be until I met my little man. He’s been the main source of love in my life. <3

Creating good habits
I was never a fan of the kitchen growing up, but ever since pregnancy I find myself spending more time in there than anywhere else. I love it. You can say my motherly instincts are kicking in. 😉

I’m sure there are more but I can’t really think of any at the moment. Are there any lessons you’ve learned these passed six months you’d like to share?

‘Til tomorrow, loves…

PS. I think I’ve finalized my posting schedule. Let me know your thoughts:
Monday Manicure – this will help me keep up with my nails again – haven’t done them since pregnancy :/
Tuesday’s Teachings these posts will focus on life teachings.
Wednesday’s Wishlist things I hope to accomplish during the week, month, etc.
Thursday’s Thoughts whatever’s on my mind that week.
FAQ Fridays: similar to last Friday’s post, I’ll highlight a question that’s been on everyone’s mind and share it with you. Might also include DIY.

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