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Feeding your dog nutritious food can be beneficial to their health. Not only does it save you time when you’re at the grocery store with kids, but it’s a good idea to learn how to cook for your dog.

Trust me, it’s not that difficult!

We love to add vegetables to our pups’ feedings. However, there are some vegetables that are safe for your dog, and others that are important for their diet. In this post, you’ll find out what vegetables dogs can eat and are beneficial to your pet’s health.

Please note, although eating greens can be beneficial to a human’s diet, some vegetables can be dangerous, even deadly for your dog. Most dog owners don’t realize that not only are some vegetables safe for their pet, but they can play an essential role in their pup’s health. In fact, it’s suggested that a dog’s diet should have a bigger portion of vegetables.

Other vegetables may not be high in health benefits, but are safe for dogs and make good occasional treats. However, it’s important to be cautious with vegetables because some vegetables are not only dangerous to your dog but can even be deadly as well.

Vegetables That Are Healthy For Dogs

The best vegetables that should be fed to your dog regularly include carrots, green beans, and broccoli. Green beans and broccoli should always be cooked normally before being fed to your dog, this is important for them to be able to properly digest the vegetables.

Carrots can be fed to your dogs cooked or can be cut into slices and fed raw. Peas and corn are two veggies that can be fed to your dog as a treat, as it doesn’t offer much nutrition to your pup.

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One of the reasons why it would be best to avoid feeding your dog corn is because many dogs struggle to properly digest it. This is why corn pieces come out whole in dog feces. Since corn is not digested properly, pups do not absorb the nutrients in corn.

Additional veggies to give your pet and why:

  • Pumpkin: High in fiber, great for your pup’s digestive system
  • Zucchini: Great source of water in their diet and helps nourish their joints.
  • Parsley: Freshens breath and helps with joints.
  • Asparagus: Adds just the right nutrients in your pet’s meal.

Vegetables That Are Dangerous For Dogs

Now that you understand what vegetables dogs can eat, it’s important to highlight a couple that aren’t safe for your pet. Onion is the worst vegetable that can be given to dogs. Onion (as well as garlic) contains a chemical that is known as thiosulphate. This chemical is known for being toxic to dogs. Dogs that eat this chemical can develop hemolytic anemia, a condition where the blood cells circulating in the bloodstream will burst. This results in a reduction in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

Mushrooms are also particularly dangerous to dogs and have been shown to cause many dangerous, even deadly, side effects.

Getting Dogs to Eat Vegetables

Although it’s not always a question as to what vegetables dogs can eat, sometimes it’s whether or not your pet will actually eat it.

Some pups will eat anything, while others are picky eaters. dogs are willing to eat anything. While other times, it’s hard to introduce your dog to new foods.

If you struggle introducing vegetables to your dog, there are ways to help ease them into their appreciation for vegetables. Much like introducing babies to solid food, it patience to get your pet to try new foods.

For younger dogs, adding a spoonful of organic baby food in flavors like sweet potato or carrot to their dog food can help get them to adjust to the flavor. Baby food not only can be used with wet food, but works great with dry food. It’s always important to check the ingredients in baby food, just to be safe. This is also a good way to get dogs to enjoy dry food more since most dogs prefer moist dog food.

You can also add cooked vegetables to dog food by mashing it up or chopping it into small pieces before stirring into wet dog food. Eventually, it’s a good idea to try and give your pup raw carrots, since raw carrots also help to clean the teeth.

Most dogs will eat baby carrots, but for those that won’t you can try adding peanut butter until they’ll eat the carrots by themselves.

Were you aware of what vegetables dogs can eat? Share your experience below!

Getting a dog requires much responsibility. It also means understanding how to properly care for your new pet. Learn how you can nourish your pup's tummy with the right vegetables by finding out what vegetables dogs can eat as well as the ones they shouldn't.
Getting a dog requires much responsibility. It also means understanding how to properly care for your new pet. Learn how you can nourish your pup's tummy with the right vegetables by finding out what vegetables dogs can eat as well as the ones they shouldn't.

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  1. My dog ate fresh carrot and potato today. She really loves cooked carrots so much and I don’t mind making them for her.

  2. My sisters dog loved getting green beans in the food dish. Carrots were ok but not the favorite! I didn’t know about onions 🧅 and mushrooms 🍄 being deadly, good to know, thanks!

  3. Such an informative post. I don’t have a dog but I will share this to my cousin who has a big and always hungry dog.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I have cute and loving shih tzu and labrador. I am not fond of giving them vegetable. but learning about its benefits, I may try the pumpkin first.

  5. Interesting topic! But personally I fear of dogs.But its first time I am hearing about the dogs will eat vegetables

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