Why Budgeting Yourself Really Works

I remember when I worked at a chain restaurant back in college and I swore money grew on trees. 
I was spending all over the place, and always had my hair and nails done. But when I had my mind set on a specific goal — buying my very first car — I began to budget myself. 
And it really paid off. 
Working The ‘Hot Mess’ Look
My hair went from Farah Fawcett to under the faucet the minute I decided to save up for my first car. 
I discontinued my weekly hair appointments and dyed my hair dark with an at-home kit. My nails were brittle from wearing fakes ones for so long. The only luxury I paid for was my eyebrows every two weeks — a total of $10 per visit, including tip. 
Skipping lunch at school wasn’t really a problem since I would have a big breakfast in the morning. Most of the days I spent in class, and in between I was focused on upcoming projects and homework. So food was the last thing on my mind.
Oh, to go back to those crazy days. 

I doubt I could do it again. I drink/eat something every 10-15 minutes now that I’m home with the boys. 
Budgeting Perks
When you are 100% committed to attaining a goal, you place your focus on reaching it. 
There are many perks to reaching a specific goal. Below is a list of the ones I’ve come to realize throughout the years:
1. You feel accomplished. 
2. You learn to discipline yourself.
3. You make the most out of your given situation. 
4. You realize you’ve been spending way too much money/time on unnecessary things. 
5. You appreciate the simple things a lot more. 
6. You get very creative.
7. You learn new skills instead of paying someone else to do the task for you.
Have you ever tried budgeting yourself?

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