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Sprout Organic Mango Pouch Motherhood Through My Eyes

Finding the right go-to snack for our little one is tough when we’re always on the run. We recently tried Sprout new organic flavors and it’s been a hit in our home.

Research has shown that developing a love for healthy foods at an early age helps foster healthy eating habits for life. By choosing Sprout Organic Foods, we can feel confident that our little one receives a delicious blend of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains from every pouch. Sprout uses ingredients found in your kitchen — no preservatives and nothing artificial.

Whether we’re out to a local park or headed to the beach, we know that our little one is getting the right nutrients, even on our busiest days. What we love most about each Sprout pouch is the transparency in their ingredients. Everything you see on the front labels matches the ingredients on the back of the packaging.

I’ve tried other baby food options with our youngest. One tasted like pure sugar, and nothing like the fruits advertised on the front of the packaging. Images of fruits were printed on the front label, but nothing tasted like the fruits we’ve been eating for years.

Here’s an example of one of the brands we tried:

Like Sprout, the other brand has the picture of the fruit on the front of the packaging, but when you flip the pouch over, there’s more than just mangoes in this product.

Sprout is committed to being transparent at all times, with no GMOs, or preservatives. Just a wholesome taste of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains. You can read all about Sprout’s Mission & Values here.


Here’s what you’ll see when you pick up a Sprout pouch and turn it around:
Sprout Organic Mango Motherhood Through My Eyes

Sprout Organic Mango Pouch

Eating mango Sprout pouch is a lot like taking the mangoes from our yard and making them into puree for our little one. The difference is, there’s no mess and these pouches are always in season.

undefinedSprout Mango Pouch Motherhood Through My Eyes
From now until October 2nd, you can stop by your local Babies R Us and receive a $10 gift card with a $25 Sprout purchase. If you know someone who is starting their baby on solids or is less than 9 months old, feel free to share this post with them.

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  1. Love finding new and organic snacks on the go for the babe! It’s so tough prepping healthy foods on a time line sometimes so these pouches are great!

  2. These look great. So easy to take out and about with you!

  3. I love Sprout brand products!!

  4. I’ve been wanting to try this brand! I’ll have to check out that promotion!

  5. We love Sprout in our home! My daughter eats them up! So good to know what’s in their food!

    1. Yes! I love how they tell you exactly what’s in all their products. It definitely helps combat mom guilt.

  6. We love sprout baby food at our house! They make such a great product and the pouches are great for on the go!

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