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My fascination with yoga began years ago when I had joined the gym. Mats on the floor in a low-lit room with people calmly breathing — it almost sounds like a dream for any parent.

But there was an issue.

When I started yoga, I couldn’t concentrate. My mind was everywhere, and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t focus on what I was doing. Part of me thought it was silly, like the many times I tried to do anything else at the gym. I always felt like a science experiment whenever I entered the gym. You see the same faces on the same machines, or in the same workout classes. Zumba was fun and it allowed me to get my mind off of things, but I always knew I wanted something more.

My mother surprised me with a yoga mat once. She thought that would help, but it didn’t.

Finding Peace
As chaotic as life can be, my role as a parent has brought me peace. After researching for months on what would be the best workout routine to rid myself of these extra pounds I’ve put on since July — a total of 30 — I made my way back to yoga.

Running would require a new pair of sneakers, so I crossed that out. Oh, and a really good sports bra, and possibly some new workout gear.

A workout bike would cost a minimum of $85. I didn’t want to invest more than $50 into something that might collect dust, and still make me feel like an experiment.

I had mentioned doing yoga to Jeff, and he went on a Target shopping spree for my Christmas present. He picked up the Gaiam Yoga For Beginners Kit and wrapped it up and neatly placed it under our tree with everything else. I was so excited when I pulled back the wrapping paper and red  It comes with a mat, yoga block, and a beginner’s DVD. The entire kit is less than $25, and is currently on sale for $20.24. Click over for more details.

Choosing Yoga
One of the many reasons I’ve always been fascinated with yoga is your body’s capability to do things it never thought if could before. I’ve followed hashtag after hashtag to learn about other newbie yoga lovers and their journey. It’s amazing to see someone achieve different poses in months.

It’s only been two weeks since I started, and I already see results, not just physically, but also emotionally. I’ve allowed myself to feel the world around me, to truly open up my heart to the earth.

If you’d like to get started on your 2017 fitness goals, then I recommend stopping by Target. There you’ll find gym equipment and accessories at great prices. 

The Gaiam’s Yoga Kit for Beginners includes everything you need to start your practice. This kit includes a 3mm thick alignment yoga mat, foam block, 6′ yoga strap, and 60-minute DVD.

Yogi expert Rodney Yee walks you through the basics in the Yoga Beginner’s Experience DVD, slowly helping you master the basic skills to improve flexibility and circulation, along with building core strength, agility, and balance. 

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  1. I truly enjoy yoga and have been doing it for years. But realize it is not enough – so I combine it with pilates and some cardio. A good mix!

  2. I’ve always had a love affair with yoga and got back into it when I was pregnant but then stopped. I’m going to take this as a sign to return!

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