Why I'm Disappointed With Miami Beach

My friends have always made such a big deal out of taking trips to Miami Beach, so much so that I was very curious about the hype. Little did I know it’d be nothing out of the ordinary.

After a morning of errands, Jeff and I were headed home this week and he had let Rocky outside to roam our culdesac. I was getting out of the car when I noticed Rocky wanted to get in with Sebastian and I, and soon after the little guy didn’t want to leave the car as well. And that’s what led us to Miami Beach.

Happy Kids, Happy Life

With my parents arriving next week, Jeff and I had planned to dedicate his only  day off this week to errands. We did most of them before the impromptu trip to Miami Beach.

Because Jeff knew I wanted to check out Miami Beach, and since it’s really not much of a drive from our home, he decided to surprise us all. 
But we were all in for a surprise.

Our Evening At South Pointe Park 
I first heard of South Pointe Park through an app and I thought it would be a great place to visit. Although we didn’t wonder around the entire park, the parts we saw were okay. 
Maybe my expectations were higher because I had seen other parks in South Florida that I had grown to love. Whatever it was, I just wasn’t amused with the idea of Miami Beach anymore. 
Yea, on your way to Miami Beach there are beautiful water views, but that was it for me. 
We had dinner at a restaurant by the water. It was nice, but the food wasn’t close to satisfying. The restaurant was pet-friendly but not kid-friendly. They served my son apple juice in a whiskey glass, with no straw. Good thing my little guy knows how to drink from a cup and is careful with glass containers, but that could’ve been a disaster and probably a lawsuit on their hands. The staff was great, but I wouldn’t go back. Maybe if I was single or dating and needed a drink or two by the bar, but as a mother of two and a pup, it’s not appealing at all. 
If you have a place or two that’s kid- and pet-friendly in Miami Beach that you frequent, please share below. I’d love to check it out and hopefully change my thoughts on Miami Beach. 

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  1. Oh what a bummer. It's so hard to find great vacation spots that are relaxing for us as parents and our children! I hope you find a fun place for the whole family next time – xxo

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