Why Mom's Should Develop A Richard Branson Mentality

Richard Branson Mentality
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I’ve been thinking about the many times I’ve told myself the importance of using those 24 hours in a day wisely and sometimes it can be tough to actually follow through.

I first heard of this man two years ago during a livestreaming of Salesforce’s Dreamforce event. This man has become an inspiration for me, not only in the work field and now motherhood, but as a person. He’s in his 60s and appears to be in his late 30s/early 40s. Branson is a happy, successful man. Did I mention he is the Founder of Virgin Group — Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile and Virgin Records.

I consider Branson to be an inspiration to mothers everywhere because he places family and happiness before everything. It’s not always easy to think of being happy when you’re stressed out with a family member or upset about something outside of your control, but it’s all about your mentality. How you’re feeling is reflected upon those around you.

Try taking the time out today to just smile, and think happy thoughts. And remember, you really can’t go at it alone. You’ve got a wonderful support team called family, friends and, often times, neighbors. Take advantage of your resources. You’ll be glad you did.

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