Why Sometimes You Need Time Off From A Vacation

Taking A Vacation From your vacation

Sometimes you need a break from your vacation.

One of the many perks of blogging is setting up your own schedule, but even the time you have set up to work on your website can be mentally overwhelming. With the holiday and family visiting from up North, we have been running around like headless chickens. I think it is safe to say that once this month is over, we will be back to normal — or at least we hope things will be!

Having Jeff’s parents in town reminds me of the trip we will be taking to see them and my family in March. Thinking of the drive is what scares me the most. Yes, we did it almost a year ago, but it was our move. This time, we are driving up North to visit family and driving back down to get home. I guess we have to love and really want to see our family and friends to actually do all this driving for them 😉

Driving Up North
Even before we make the drive to NJ, we are taking a trip to see my cousin in Orlando. I saw them almost two years ago when I found out I was pregnant. My cousin’s wife was so welcoming and their children are close to Sebastian’s age. Since Sebastian has been playing more with other kids, it will be great to see them interact with each other.

Before heading over to Orlando, we are planning a pitstop in Tampa to see Jeff’s cousin, his wife and their little boy. Sebastian loves playing with him. They are in South Florida visiting family and friends, and it is so nice to see Sebastian being so protective of him. I know he would have a great big brother one day <3

Relaxation Tips Guaranteed To Minimize Holiday Stress
While the stress of holiday dinner planning and family visits only last a week — or two! — the memories last a lifetime. Whether or not you have a family that is all hands in or one that would rather you do all the work, there are several ways to plan ahead for all the headaches. Below are three relaxation tips to help minimize the stress before and after the holidays: 

1. Have a menu. 
You can choose to write it down to share with others. Sharing the menu with your family can help them plan ahead. I know I like to bring extra food for my little guy when I eat at someone’s home because I know he can be very picky at times.

2. Have a designated helper. 
You should already know who is coming to your family event, so pick someone from the group you can rely on for help. Maybe it is simply watching your child while you prepare or serve the meals, or simply picking up the trash and washing dishes. Make sure there at least someone who is wiling to lend a hand or two.

3. Plan for mini-mommy vacations. 
You may need to take mini-mommy vacations throughout the day or week, and that is totally fine. Make sure you have someone to keep an eye on everything while you are “away”.

Are there any relaxation tips you would like to add? Comment below!

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