Word Of The Week Series

For the next 52 weeks, I’ll be sharing one word, every Monday, that highlights a certain part of my life. I’ll include a paragraph or two about the word and how it has impacted me. 
This week, it’s all about forgiveness. I have learned that forgiving someone is an important part of growing up. You really can’t go forward in life without choosing to forgive someone for something they have done or said to you. 
Although forgiving those who have hurt us might seem like a difficult task, sometimes you need to forgive yourself first for allowing someone else’s actions to impact your reaction. 
At times your reaction might be anger or sadness, but whatever it might be, learn to take in everything. Teach yourself the importance of accepting the situation for what it is: a life lesson. Forget how it made you feel, because after all, emotions come and go. 
May your week be as fabulous as you are. 

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