Word Of The Week: Friendships

There are people who come into our lives for a lifetime, and others who are there for a short period. Either way, we all have a purpose in each other’s lives. 
I’ve had best friends and close friends in my life. And between the two, I rather have close ones. Those are the ones who become like family. 
This week, I’ll be focusing on the word friendships. I can’t wait to share all the wonderful stories with you, including tips and tricks to finding those awesome people in your life. 
I hope your week is as fabulous as you! 😉 


  1. It's such a good idea to have a word of the week. I'm looking forward to your stories about friendship. I've been intrigued since I saw your status about besties.

    1. Thanks, Jules. Close friends are more like family to me. And nothing really compares to those.

  2. AS I get older, I realize how special my true friends are. I try not to take them for granted and always work to make time for them.. even when life is crazy busy!

    1. I'm the same way! I've learned that there's no distance or time that can come between true friendships. Sometimes it's scary when I look back at how long I've known someone, and how they've impacted my life each step of the way.

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