Word Of The Week: Stress

This week I’ll be focusing on the word stress. As many of you may or may not know, there are good and bad stressors in your life. 

Every day we are faced with many challenges. For some, stress can result in more productivity. While others do their best to minimize the amount of stress in their lives. 
And then there’s me. 
The word of the week ties into last week’s topic: concern. The more you concern yourself with people and things, the more likely you’lll develop stress. 
For me, mornings are a bit stressful. Regardless of the time I wake up, there are different factors that will allow me to arrive either on time to drop off my son at preschool or late. 
But that’s mom life for you. Your time is no longer your time. You split yourself into many halves. Eventually there will be a piece for you — even if it’s leftovers from the day before. 

I hope your Monday is flying by just like mine. 

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