At-Home Workouts You’re Already Doing

home workouts

Going to the gym for a workout sounds like an extra task I really don’t need on my plate. Surprisingly, I weigh less today than I did prior to having children.

Research shows that staying fit requires you to eat the right amount of nutrients and keep an active lifestyle. With kids, you’ve got that covered. Just think of all the leftovers you eat from your little one. It may not be a gourmet meal, but I’m pretty sure you try to feed your kids better than you feed yourself. So, indulge in that plate of half-eaten fruit and organic yogurt. 

As for keeping active, your kids already have that under control. If you’re like me with two under five, then you get the BEST workouts, ever! Here are 10 you didn’t even know you were doing:

1. Squats.
Every time you get down to pick up those LEGO toys, or Captain America. Your glutes are screaming.

2. Dumbbell presses. 
Think about the weight you’re picking up every time your little ones cry to be in your arms. I’m almost certain our infant weights twice the amount our firstborn did at his age.

4. Dip machine.
Have you ever tried sitting down when you know your little one is going to ask for something or call you over? This workout is the one you’ve been down. Sitting down only to get right back up. Feel the burn, baby!

5. Single dumbbell raise.
Whenever you’re swinging your little one around, that’s a dumbbell raise in motion, so you’re adding more definition to your muscles.

6. Running.
With little ones, you can really get your blood pumping! From morning until night, you’re chasing or being chased.

7. Step-Up
This one is a given if you have stairs in or outside your home. Oh, and if you’re short, you’re constantly climb on top of furniture to get things. Extra points for you!

8. Bicep curls.
Those grocery bags aren’t bringing themselves into the house. You go, mama!

9. Sitting twists.
If you’re constantly having to hand over your little one to your spouse because they need you (or better yet, request your presence), then this workout is something you’re already doing in your sleep.

10. House chores.
Whether you vacuum the carpet and/or rugs, or simply use a thick-bristle broom like I do, you break a sweat every time. If you like to add music for extra steps in your routine, then you’ll really put in that cardio.

Want more tips to staying fit? Visit my Baby work it! Pinterest board.


  1. Love this! SO cool to bring these workouts to light – it’s the ones we do everyday that add up!

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