You're Superwoman, No Better Than That — You're His Mom #31WriteNow

20140118-145316.jpgAfter six months with my little munchkin I’ve come to realize that I can’t be superwoman. Regardless of how many times I wanted to be the perfect mommy, I realized that just being his mom was more than enough.

In the past few months I’ve learned the value of toothless smiles, tummy kisses and dinosaur noises. Being able to spend time with Sebastian has taught me that no matter what being a mother requires learning as you go. No book will ever teach you how to be the perfect mother or father to your child/ren. It’s in you. All you have to do is let it out.

Being a role model to your child is key. I know he looks up to Jeff and me, and I do my best to meet his needs and be there for him.

As a parent, my heart lives outside of me in the form of my child. It’s scary to see Sebastian in someone else’s arms. You just never fully know the person’s intentions.

‘Til next time, folks…

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